Ikusabata Station – Tokyo

I want to go here so badly!

Tokyobling's Blog

“Around the Station: There are some shops and houses.”
— Wikipedia, Ikusabata Station

It is easy to forget that the majority of land even in Tokyo consists of fields, forests and almost impregnable mountains. You quickly get used to jostling with literally millions of other people every day on trains, subways and streets of this bustling metropolis. But there is another Tokyo, for example, Ikusabata Station. I just love the Wikipedia entry to this Tokyo station located in Ome City on the Ome line. Some houses is partly correct, but as for shops, well, I saw one I think (which incidentally sold ice cream at below market costs). The station was built in 1929 and apparently serves about 238 people per day, but I think that figure is wildly optimistic. The station these days is totally unmanned.

The interesting name, that literally translates as Battle Field, comes from the bitter…

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