i’m reading a book called a tale for the time being, by ruth ozeki. one of the protagonists, whose name is nao, says nothing is sadder than not being noticed on cyberspace. i think that’s true. at the same time, there are so many worse things than that. i’m beating myself up for saying i liked the music in a song my friend was playing in the car, but i wasn’t so crazy about the lyrics.

i think i need to forgive myself, but that’s easier typed than done.

i really, really, really need to go home. i also need to get away from my professor. i really don’t like her. i always have issues with english professors. why the hell is this the case? is it because i’m a self-centered brat? maybe. is it because of my writing? maybe. in this case, it’s probably closer to the first. whatever the case may be, i’m going to forgive myself for the music incident…if you could even call it an incident. i’m also going to forgive myself for my mess-up this morning, when i denied i had google hang-out. i eventually admitted i did, so there.

i really need to go home…


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