Bikkuri shita! Part 2

Continuation of awesomeness.

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Bikkuri shita! Observations from Tokyo Part 2

 By: Meg Humphrey

Now at the end of my trip to Japan (I’m writing this on the plane home – 787 Dreamliners are very nice!), I picked up a few more interesting social differences between our cultures. They may not be new or shocking to you, but it does shed some light on every day living in Tokyo.

1. 10am is the earliest stores open. Even then, that’s a small portion as most trendy shopping joints open between 11 and noon. I’m an early bird and I found it pretty frustrating that even grocery stores were closed as I strolled out of our apartment at, what seems to be as being late, 9:30. The upside is that most shopping stores are open until 8 or 9pm so you can stay out fairly late and still get stuff done.


2. You don’t worry much…

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