Bikkuri shita! Part 1

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Bikkuri shita! Observations from Tokyo Part 1

By: Meg Humphrey

You’ll find cultural differences wherever you go – even if you’re just crossing over into a different part of your home state (what’s up, Eastern Washington?). When writing this, I was a couple days into a stay in Tokyo, Japan. I tagged along with a friend and a group of her co-workers. This isn’t my first time in Tokyo and I figured that with what I know about Japan I wouldn’t be thrown into culture shock. Although my body is freaking out, there’s nothing that has blown my mind (except how AMAZING the Disney Stores are here), but there have been a few things that surprised me. Maybe I’m not the only one?


1. Nobody wears sunglasses. It’s been 50-60 degrees F during the day with perfect cloudless skies and I’ve only seen a handful of people with sunglasses on…

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